Ronaldo grabs victory from Morocco

June 24, 2018

Morocco is the real winner of today’s FIFA world cup match, despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s 4th minute goal which took Portugal to victory. Morocco players fought a good fight against the world 4th ranked Portugal foot ball team and kept Portugal on defensive mode throughout the game. Moroccans showed excellent corner skills which are of top ranking teams, but actually they are 41st on the list.

When it comes to key game statistics, Moroccans had a possession of 53% of ball and 25 shoot outs to goals. That reflects what Moroccans have developed in last 20 yrs and it has been 20 yrs since they participated last world cup.

At this skill level, Portugal is not in a position to fight with next round teams and they have to give up total dependency on Cristiano Ronaldo and build up a team who can work as a team.

So, it is a BYE BYE BYE for Strong Morocco team and they are the very first team to thrown out at first stage of the world cup.